Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was driving through north Philadelphia this afternoon, From the 2500 block to the 2800 block of Oxford street at least 90% of the three blocks were abandoned , worse yet these houses are not owed by private owners but by the largest land owner in the city which is the city itself , to be honest most of these homes are either HUD homes or Philadelphia Housing authority, but it goes to the heart of the issue, it the narcissistic fantasy of the last administration (John Street) that these homes were to be destroyed and rebuilt under the Neighbor Transformation Initiative.

Here what needs to be done with these abandon houses in Philadelphia.

  • We need to sell them, provide grants and low interest loans to the buyer (not be investors we homeowners, not home squatters and more slum lords {PHA}

  • We need to encourage responsible home ownership, keep this in mind those three blocks of empty homes is lost property tax revenue, we are talking about possibly 100 to 150k in property taxes and that includes the commercial property on the corners of each block.

  • We need to eliminate the weird gardens that are springing up around North Philadelphia; we are losing tax revenue by not having an actual property or home owner, on that lot of land.

  • It is disgraceful how, liberal minded people want to enslave people particularly blacks by denying economic progress, which leads to less housing and less home ownership, remember a homeowner has a stake in the community, a renter or squatter does not .

  • So liberals will go to Africa and tell the people there that you need to continue to live like savages, any economic development is bad for the “environment”, so we keep savages living like savages and they never progress. Their governments are corrupt, and poverty is widespread.

  • Blacks need to reject the hand that comes from the left.

Finally, I attended a homeless town hall meeting in Philadelphia in June, I commented on the fact that we need to continue to talk about personal responsibility, (I know about homelessness because I was homeless for four years). The moderator and other panelist look at me like I was crazy, but personal responsibility in our community is what needs to be advocated in our schools and our churches.

If we continue to talk about personal responsibility we take back our communities from the liberal slave masters.

In1996, when Dr. Lenora Fulani was the running mate for Pat Choate of the reform party who was running for President Dr. Lenora Fulani remarked “the coalition between Blacks and White liberals is over”

Well the majority of the Black community in the inner cities never got that memo.

I am Robert Allen Mansfield and I am candidate for Lt Governor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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