Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pennsylvania National Guardsman Robert Allen Mansfield announces his intention to run for Governor, PA 2010

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Pennsylvania National Guardsman Robert Allen Mansfield announces his intention to run for Governor, PA 2010

YORK, Pennsylvania (October 4, 2009) - In a statement released by his campaign manager, Robert Mansfield is concerned that Pennsylvanian’s will be ill served if led by any one of the current crop of politically inbred candidates whose only intention’s are to keep things the way they are. Noting the similarities of the other candidates messages, Sergeant Mansfield is tired of listening to the same tape recording of growing a competitive economy, a reduction of red tape in government and how qualified any of the candidates are due to their vast amount of experience sitting on dozens of do nothing boards and committees. “If they’re so qualified, why has nothing been changed while they’ve been in positions to create change” he asks.

“Additionally, the leaders in the Pennsylvania Republican Party do not want open primaries or any serious debate of the issues that plague PA.” Referring to the current trend of the Republican candidates seeking high level endorsements, Robert Mansfield states that the only endorsement he is interested in are the voters of Pennsylvania. “They’re the ones that set the agenda, identify the issues, propose the solutions and hire the right person to get the job done,” Says Sergeant Mansfield.

According to Sergeant Mansfield, “Now is the time for action, not words. Now is the time for someone to take hold of the reins of Government, quit blaming everyone else for our problems and to steer PA back towards the greatness it’s going to have once again. Now is the time to champion the needs and opinions of those people who rallied in Harrisburg, Scranton, and Berks County and all over this great state in Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings.”

As a Pennsylvania National Guardsman and small businessman, Robert Mansfield still serves with the Wounded Warrior Battalion and takes his oath to protect, preserve and defend, seriously. Noting that the people of Pennsylvania believe in a free society as well as a free market, the combined ideals of both create a free market of ideas. “While the leaders of the Republican Party attempt to restrict this election and will not fight for the people of Pennsylvania, then I have no choice but to step up and fight for the people of Pennsylvania; this is my constitutional obligation,” said Sergeant Mansfield.

Sergeant Mansfield, also said, "I will run for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010. Join me in bringing back Pennsylvania, 'The State of Independence' If you love your Country, and you love your State, but you think those currently in power are the problem rather than the solution, then stand up and join me in bringing PA back."

Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield
Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania

Source: Robert Allen Mansfield 2010
Campaign Manger: Shane M. Louthian