Saturday, January 9, 2010

Response to Corbetts tweet

Corbett: "If elected Guv, says he will not rule out tax increase. #pagovrace about 2 hours ago from mobile web "

While the Attorney General is rushing to the Tax raising altar, I am running from it. If history has taught us anything, it is, raising taxes does not bring in more revenue. Nor does reduce Public Balance sheet debt; in fact it actually lowers revenue and stunts overall GDP growth, while raising public debt. Demand increases for even more services. As Governor, I will push to eliminate the property tax on the state level, and eliminate the current personal income tax, in favor of a flat tax. I will propose an constitutional amendment that will requiring a balance budget, while mandating that the state be limited to spending only 75% of incoming tax revenue, thusly saving 25%. In addition, I purpose that we lower the corporate tax rate to 1.5%, with an eye toward elimination by 2015. This way, we would be encouraging economic growth not stunting it.
Finally we must reduce the 59 state agencies and merge the Turnpike Commission into the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. I also believe that we can consolidate from 59 agencies down to 40 agencies thus saving tens of millions of taxpayer’s dollars.