Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Campaign Political Pipe Dreams strain the Realms of Reality

As a Military Veteran and Business Owner - I look at the deeds of an individual rather than their promises. Robert has been supporting my involvement in the Veteran's community for some time now - his advice and suggestions are always welcome and useful. As an Active Soldier and Pennsylvania Guardsman, he provides me the insight into issues that today's active military members are considering prior to their departure from the military into the ranks of the Veterans. I've researched the other Republican candidates for Lt. Governor and it appears that only Robert Mansfield has any concern for the 137 thousand veteran business owners in the state or the 9 thousand disabled veteran business owners or for the 5 billion dollars this community brings into the state in business. Robert and I speak often about how to bring more business opportunities to the PA veteran community and we are exploring some innovative ways to find the new veterans access to capital so they can start up their own businesses. I recommend that the veteran voters of Pennsylvania take a careful look at Robert Mansfield and support his run for Lt. Governor.

Mike P
Military Network

Campaign Political Pipe Dreams strain the Realms of Reality

It occurs to me that many of the current candidates for the Pennsylvania Lt. Governor job have not even read the job description nor do they understand the concept of leaders and followers. Like all true politicians, they are talking Political Pipe Dream Goals well outside the Realms of Reality and taking public credit for work they were ordered to do by the people they serve, claiming accomplishments for themselves that was actually done by the multitude of committees or boards they sat on, and pushing political campaign agendas that they know full well they will neither have the authority nor the support necessary to get done.

Mr. Schenker states that he’s going to build a grass roots movement to get two constitutional amendments passed to limit the state legislators terms and to reduce the size and cost of the legislator. Saying that it’s going to take him 4 to 6 years to get this done, what is he going to be doing for the people of Pennsylvania while he’s so busy attacking the legislator? He indicates that he’ll be doing nothing else during the 4 year term, calling the Lt. Governor’s position a do-little post and a sidekick bully-pulpit position.

Carol Aichele is someone who’s never owned or run a business, but claims to understand business and shows her ignorance by stating that “some business principles” might apply to government. She and her fellow commissioners are supposedly using a new process that she calls “management for results”.

If she wants to banter about business terminology, then she should first understand that “Management for Results” is a concept as old as business itself and is a personal management skills building concept for general managers who hold profit/loss responsibilities within a company and is normally applied to their professional growth plan rather than applied to business principles and is the first time I’ve heard it used as a Government management principle.

In a statement sounding very similar to the Democratic Party’s stance on government control, she states “The Chester commissioners examine every program and proposal to see if it fits with one of six priority areas determined by the board - those that don't fit are dropped. We define the results we want, and then we budget to manage and achieve those results. It is a business model for managing government. Results in the school district showed that the process makes government more effective and less costly in the long run. The same process could be used on the state level”.

Mrs. Aichele, this might be a good model for kitchen table budget economics but which priority areas are you going to use to ‘decide’ where money should be spent on a state wide disaster or even a federal kick in program that brings jobs and revenues into our state?

The last I understood of our constitution, it’s the legislator that determines how much money we’re going to collect and spend and it’s the Governor’s and their job to budget that money out to projects and programs. I ask, exactly how much of the state budget are you Mrs. Aichele as Lt. Governor, going to have control over to use your Management for Results principles on?

These are two examples of candidates who for political campaign purposes are talking outside the realms of reality and outside the realities of their experience and knowledge of executive government. While they try to focus the public attention on pipe dreams about the abilities and capabilities of the Lt. Governor’s role in government, they should look at reality and for once look at the job description and try to understand exactly what the role of the Lt. Governor is, before they talk about pipe dreams.

Lt. Governor’s Job Description

* The primary responsibility of the Lieutenant Governor is to assume the office of Governor should the elected Governor be unable to complete the term

* The Lieutenant Governor's constitutional duty is to preside over the State Senate, where he or she may vote only in the event of a tie

* As a member of the Executive branch, the Lieutenant Governor (can) be an important source of advice and assistance to the Governor in policy formation and administration

* The Lieutenant Governor's actual role depends upon the Governor

As a business owner who manages by example rather than for results, a leader of personnel who again manages by example rather than for results, a manager of real assets and a Soldier who understands the interactive roles of leader and follower; I find it more amusing than insulting how the current cadre of candidates for Lt. Governor are using the same old time tested, political smoke schemes, over and over to blur the eyes of the public and the media to seek a position in which they will pursue their own agenda of political back climbing rather than assisting the governor and legislators in managing the affairs of the state.

This message was authorized by:

Robert Allen Mansfield
Candidate, Lt. Governor, PA

Republican Response to a Growing Veteran Issue

Tired of listening to the whining? Use your People’s Power – your vote, your wallet and your voice to actually make a difference for our Veterans
Here’s another example of people blowing smoke so they don’t have to address the real issues of the day. I’ve been in the VFW and Legion halls and listened to the alcohol induced war-stories; I’ve experienced being given a long boring lecture at the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy by someone who it later turned out was never in Vietnam or was a B-52 gunner. So what?
“It has been stated that only one in five men who claim to be Vietnam Veterans actually served in Vietnam. The prosecution of those who are now claiming to be something they are not must be relentless and to the fullest extent of the law. I cannot imagine why someone would want to claim to have gone through what we did in country and when we came home. Then again, it was wanna-bes who made things bad for us at home!” http://www.veteranstoday.com/article8719.html
We have veterans killing themselves everyday of every week of every month of every year – who gives a damn! We have veterans living under bridges, in alleyways and beneath our city streets – who gives a damn? Are we really going to form up some sort of Stolen Valor Secret Police Force to uncover someone who lied on their resume to get a job? Quit listening to the whiners and do something real to help our vets out. How would you feel if you received a letter announcing that someone you love is killing themselves so their wife or husband can get the insurance money to take care of their children? Join our group at VetsmeetVets and get involved http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2255755&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr as a local counselor or advisor for vets in need; we’ll train you up and help you in whatever way we can.
If you’re hiring veterans or are a staffing firm or recruiter that is friendly to the Military and Veterans KUDOS! – They can get you a certified copy of their DD214 to prove their valor and service; you don’t need another government agency to do that for you. Join my group Military Network and find qualified and eager veterans, many with active security clearances – at no cost to you or to the Veteran.
Neat Idea! Why don’t you do something real, like helping me get a True Veteran elected to the Lieutenant Governor’s job in Pennsylvania? A veteran who promises to get together with the other 49 Lt. Governors and try to form some sort of Lt. Governor’s group to address our veteran issues like suicide, homelessness, joblessness, health and family issues. A True Veteran who promises to visit his state’s troops and veterans overseas and in the veteran and civilian hospitals around the country. A True Veteran who focuses on what he can do to help and then puts leather on the sidewalk and goes out and does it.
Look around yourself for places you too can help instead of listening to someone whining about some worthless piece of dirt lying to get a job (in today’s economy can you understand why the lying?) join my group on LinkedIn “Military Network” at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=59436&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr where we are linking up veterans with Military Friendly Staffing Professionals and Recruiters and finding them jobs.

Veterans comprise 12% of the working population of Pennsylvania, 14% of small businesses or 137,772 are owned by vets and 7% or 9,641 of those are owned by disabled vets. Pennsylvania veteran owned small businesses bring over 5 billion dollars per year to the state.
Join my other group at Mansfield for PA, http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2311799&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr where I am trying to get Mr. Mansfield elected to the state Lt. Governors position so he can fulfill his promises to vets. Do a search and see if there are other veterans running for public office, and let’s put them into positions where they can make a difference.
Use your power – your vote, your wallet and your voice to actually make a difference. You don’t need to live in Pennsylvania to help our veterans out. Send me a $5 or $10 or $100 check or whatever you can, to help me get one veteran elected to a position where he can make a difference – join our groups – stay informed – and when you can – use your vote, your wallet and your voice to help.
Michael Perry
Campaign Chairman

Mansfield for PA
Campaign Headquarters
1909 N. 30th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121-1818

Joe Watkins interview in Martha's Vineyard

Joe Watkins did an interview with Alex Friedman on Plum TV in, of all places, Martha’s Vineyard. http://www.plumtv.com/videos/joe-watkins-msnbc-analyst/index.html
Mr. Watkins is a former White House associate director of the Office of Public Liaison for George H.W. Bush. He is a MSNBC contributor and analyst. Mr. Watkins is also a pastor in north Philadelphia. Most of all, he’s disconnected. Joe stated in the interview that it’s a “tough neighborhood”, and calls it “forgotten”, that goes without saying. North Philly has been forgotten in many aspects. An area that has long been passed over in development efforts to bolster the waterfront and downtown areas, that part cannot be refuted. However, he also says there are no ATM’s, no supermarkets, no restaurant chains, and “no businesses of substance”, “within blocks, miles”.
The church Joe serves is at 30th and Diamond. Perhaps, if Mr. Watkins would stick around after the sermons, he’d notice with in five blocks, there is a KFC, a Checkers. There’s even a Save-a-Lot and a Rite Aid. One block south there is a bodega that has an ATM on Norris and Hollywood. There are at least three ATM’s on 29th Street going towards Dauphin and Strawberry Square. These locations may not look like the sights in Martha’s Vineyard, but they are there. One doesn’t have to live in Philadelphia to know about them, one just needs to look. The statement of there being no businesses of substance is insulting. Small shops and grocers are what the American Dream was bought and paid with over and over again.
Later in the interview Mr. Watkins says that he loves Obama’s message of bipartisanship. That, as far as I can tell, hasn’t happened yet, and every effort made from across the aisle on Capitol Hill has been shirked. They are even going after a lone voice in the crowd who called the President out on a blatant lie, mostly because he’s a conservative and using race as the gunpowder. He also espoused his appreciation of the “hope” Obama has given all people. Hope will not get you back to work, hope will not put food on the table, and hope will not clothe your kids. This speaks loudly of a person’s heart, and gives you pause as to his intent.
Joe also speaks of friends that are homeless or addicted to drugs and alcohol. As a pastor, I am certain he has extended help to those people. A true friend would not let a friend go with out help or shelter. I too, have found myself homeless, without a penny to my name. Through the Grace of God, and help from friends, I was able get myself out of that situation. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life.”
There is no doubt that North Philadelphia is a tough neighborhood. But those who live here call it home. Sure, there are no Wal-Marts, Targets, or Macaroni Grills here yet. North Philly doesn’t need them. What we need is more jobs, more industry, more of the abilities to “fish”, to grow our economy, not our government.
I thank Joe for his service and pasturage to the area. For his contributions in the media, trying to be the voice of reason on one of the most left wing, radically socialistic networks, but, open your eyes and see the truth. And please, stop bashing Philadelphia. We do a good enough job of that our selves.

Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor 2010

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was driving through north Philadelphia this afternoon, From the 2500 block to the 2800 block of Oxford street at least 90% of the three blocks were abandoned , worse yet these houses are not owed by private owners but by the largest land owner in the city which is the city itself , to be honest most of these homes are either HUD homes or Philadelphia Housing authority, but it goes to the heart of the issue, it the narcissistic fantasy of the last administration (John Street) that these homes were to be destroyed and rebuilt under the Neighbor Transformation Initiative.

Here what needs to be done with these abandon houses in Philadelphia.

  • We need to sell them, provide grants and low interest loans to the buyer (not be investors we homeowners, not home squatters and more slum lords {PHA}

  • We need to encourage responsible home ownership, keep this in mind those three blocks of empty homes is lost property tax revenue, we are talking about possibly 100 to 150k in property taxes and that includes the commercial property on the corners of each block.

  • We need to eliminate the weird gardens that are springing up around North Philadelphia; we are losing tax revenue by not having an actual property or home owner, on that lot of land.

  • It is disgraceful how, liberal minded people want to enslave people particularly blacks by denying economic progress, which leads to less housing and less home ownership, remember a homeowner has a stake in the community, a renter or squatter does not .

  • So liberals will go to Africa and tell the people there that you need to continue to live like savages, any economic development is bad for the “environment”, so we keep savages living like savages and they never progress. Their governments are corrupt, and poverty is widespread.

  • Blacks need to reject the hand that comes from the left.

Finally, I attended a homeless town hall meeting in Philadelphia in June, I commented on the fact that we need to continue to talk about personal responsibility, (I know about homelessness because I was homeless for four years). The moderator and other panelist look at me like I was crazy, but personal responsibility in our community is what needs to be advocated in our schools and our churches.

If we continue to talk about personal responsibility we take back our communities from the liberal slave masters.

In1996, when Dr. Lenora Fulani was the running mate for Pat Choate of the reform party who was running for President Dr. Lenora Fulani remarked “the coalition between Blacks and White liberals is over”

Well the majority of the Black community in the inner cities never got that memo.

I am Robert Allen Mansfield and I am candidate for Lt Governor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania