Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Campaign Political Pipe Dreams strain the Realms of Reality

As a Military Veteran and Business Owner - I look at the deeds of an individual rather than their promises. Robert has been supporting my involvement in the Veteran's community for some time now - his advice and suggestions are always welcome and useful. As an Active Soldier and Pennsylvania Guardsman, he provides me the insight into issues that today's active military members are considering prior to their departure from the military into the ranks of the Veterans. I've researched the other Republican candidates for Lt. Governor and it appears that only Robert Mansfield has any concern for the 137 thousand veteran business owners in the state or the 9 thousand disabled veteran business owners or for the 5 billion dollars this community brings into the state in business. Robert and I speak often about how to bring more business opportunities to the PA veteran community and we are exploring some innovative ways to find the new veterans access to capital so they can start up their own businesses. I recommend that the veteran voters of Pennsylvania take a careful look at Robert Mansfield and support his run for Lt. Governor.

Mike P
Military Network

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