Monday, August 31, 2009

Tea Party Williamsport PA

The Tea Party Experience

On Saturday, August 29th 2009, I had the honor of attending my first tea party rally in Williamsport Pa, there were easily 7,000 people in attendance. I was there to listen and learn. Wow what an education, so much so that I was scared to introduce myself as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, the people were angry, fed up at both Republicans and Democrats, and rightfully so. I had to have real gut check. Do I really want to step into this arena, at this time? Yes! I am running for Lieutenant Governor. Why?

  • I want to represent the people in places like, Quarryville, Nanticoke, Ebensburg, and Emporium who haven’t seen a state politician in their area in years, if ever.

  • I want to advocate for the inner city kids, and their parents, who are trapped in bad schools on a take it or leave it basis.

  • I want to reduce the corporate tax rate which is currently at 9.99%, in addition to federal and other local taxes this could lead to 45 to 50% effective tax rate hike.

  • I want to advocate for a corporate tax holiday, in addition, I don’t want to just tinker with the system, I want to reform the system by advocating a statewide flat tax, to make our tax system fair and simple, and this can, and must, be done in the State of Independence.

In addition to tax structural reform;

  • PA must cut needless spending
  • Fully implement and institute the PA sunshine laws.
  • Create an Independent audit commission to audit the state budget and find ways to reduce spending, by cutting inefficient programs (This commission must consist of registered Independents not democrats or republicans).
  • Reform Medicaid by closing loopholes that allow for the hiding of assets in order to fraudulently qualify for Medicaid, we need to tailor the services to the recipient, and not offer an a la carte of services that are not needed.
  • I want to eject the top DEP officials for their heavy handed tactics and policies that are crushing the businesses and residents in the Central PA. They have stifled, fined, and run out of business, businesses and agriculture that make up our livelihoods in an attempt to achieve absurd results. Currently the DEP answers to no one but radical environmentalists.
  • We need to either hold Maryland to their end of the Bargain in regards to the Chesapeake Bay Initiative or renegotiate the whole deal; I would lean toward a total renegotiation of the deal focus on balancing the needs of continued development vs. cleaner environment.

Why should you Vote for me out of all of the other candidates with more experience than myself.

I am not a professional.

I am not beholden to anyone, just my principles.

I am committed to service.

My Name is Robert Allen Mansfield and I am a candidate for Lt Governor of PA.

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